My “Not-So-Serious” New Year Resolutions

Okay so let’s be serious for a moment, when it comes to new year resolutions we can all make a long list of tings we want to do in the new year – but do we actually ever stick to them? Usually they are done for a week and ditched at the first possible chance. As much as I would love to stick to my list of resolutions, I’m never optimistic about doing so. Asides from having my serious resolution of finding a new job, I also have a list of smaller resolutions that I set myself every year which I m determined to accomplish. Here are a few of them.

No fizzy drinks

Yes, this one was on my list from last year and i did partially succeed! I managed to go from the 1st of January until the 2nd of August (my birthday), all ruined by some simple persuasion from Thomas who was persistent on telling me that “one won’t hurt”, yet there I was unable to stop drinking it and spent the rest of the year drowning myself in fizzy drink.
Currently as I’m writing this we are 16 hours and 37 minutes into 2019 and I haven’t laid my hands on a single fizzy drink! Confident that I will not touch another for the rest of the year.

Get out of the house more

This one, again, is a pretty common resolution however I like to believe that it is the easiest one to do. I love going out on walks, being active and getting fresh air – and it’s all super healthy for your mind and body. But I always find myself lying around my house, complaining that I am bored or have a headache yet never really do anything about it. Then when I do manage to pull myself out of bed and go outside I always end up feeling a million times better than I did before, which is the perfect reason for me to believe that setting myself the task of going outdoors will have a majorly positive outcome for me. 
Alongside that I want to start going out on my bike, whether that be a short bike ride around my town or a proper cycle with my dad as this is something we both enjoy doing and have given up since our jobs got pretty hectic. When I do eventually find a job I aim to cycle to and from work everyday (if it is in walking distance of course) … well maybe just in the summertime. Healthy and efficient.

Be more confident – Get rid of self doubt

One major issue I have always had bother with is confidence, whatever the situation is, I will always doubt myself or not be confident enough to actually go through with it. I tend to put myself down a lot and not believe that I am capable of doing the things I know fine well I am capable of. Although my confidence has majorly improved since the beginning of 2018, I still have a long was to go until I am a sassy confident young woman!
Just gotta fake it until I make it.

Read more books

I love reading books, in face it is probably one of my favourite things to do- but I always push it away and don’t set myself a time in the day where I am “going to read a book”. This year I am aiming to read at least one book a month, quite pathetic I know, but if I set myself a small goal I will never be disappointed with the outcome. The more the better but if I read at least one a month I will be satisfied. I like to believe that books take you into a completely new world, when i’m reading i’m not batting an eyelid at any of my surroundings and I feel very relaxed.
I want this year to be about becoming the best version of myself that I can possibly be and finding a whole new meaning to my life. 
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