There is something so beautiful and magical about being outside.

Perhaps it’s the unfamiliarity of it after creating my own isolation. The cold breeze that catches me by surprise and ripples through the holes in my jumper. Feeling the earth puling around me with such beauty and ambiguity. Its vibrant colours and wide spectrum of plants for me to observe and have complete adoration for. I find beauty in the simplest things. Like the way no two leafs of a tree are the same and the magnificent petals of a flower holding intricate designs that are all unique; different to one another.
I wonder if someone has drawn on the clouds; their allurement is unreal. They are a work of art. I wonder if the sunsets have been painted by angels; the colours brought together create something one cannot take their eyes off. I can smell the aroma of life around me; the scent of summer barbecues to the other end of the spectrum, the humble scent of rain, making me feel relaxed and at peace. Simple things which have no competition in my mind.
The bees buzzing past my ears, the leaves crunching beneath the feet. The birds singing in the trees; a beautiful melody. Their simplistic lifestyles continuing without concern for the human observing them. I can taste the sun on the tip of my tongue, feel its honey rays luring into my skin. The hum of life surround me, engulfing me in it serenity. Relaxing my muscles and making me feel centred. At peace with myself and at peace with the world.

Nature has always been able to inspire and fascinate me to no end which is why when I feel good, I choose to be outside.

I choose to be outside because when I’m surrounded by life I can’t help but feel a little bit more.. alive.

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