No Boy Will Ever Love Me – A Slam Poem

This post was actually created by 16 year old me, during study leave on school (yes I know, efficient use of my time). I’m not even sure I can remember what sparked this idea in my head, but i’m sure it was something causing an uproar in the media or something similar. Anyway I hope you enjoy, I haven’t rejigged anything in it so it is completely as it was to begin with.

No boy will ever love me because I’m too loud; too much work they always say.

Because a girl standing up for herself and recapitulating her opinion is nothing to be accepted; not allowed they say. They should never be arguing their point if it is deemed negative toward a male, they are simply an object of male desire and sexual pleasure.
I am told that to get a boy I must be submissive and reserved because that’s what an ideal woman should do. I shouldn’t speak up, I shouldn’t try to change to the world just because I am of the female population. We are not made to be innovators or pioneers or be able to stand up for minority rights. Be in the kitchen they say; that’s why no boy will ever love me.

Perhaps it’s because I am an object of male sexual desire, something to be lusted over; yet never loved. Because admiration goes no further than to be catcalled more than three times on my walk to work in the space of twenty minutes. I’m told that’s just what a woman should expect; it’s just life. But then instead I’m told by social media that I need to reveal more flesh because it’s only through this that I will receive the love I need in my life. I cannot feel whole until I have a man to love me; because “you are nobody until somebody loves you”.
The media emphasises my insecurities and claims that this abyss can be filled by fitness programs, clothes and makeup. When I look pretty men will love me and this shall be a focal point in my life. When I begin to wear what I choose and do the things I find pleasure in, I have no one to blame but myself when no-one loves me.

But in the 21st-century woman should forget these patriarchal norms and look to the future of progress and opportunity and equality. A world where a woman can feel encouraged and valued on the same level as a man.
To exist as equal entities; no more and no less.

It’s only when we begin to do things for ourselves rather than for male gratification and adoration that we are truly happy. With this true happiness, I will begin to love myself, and only when I love myself, will a man love me.

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