The Power Of A Sunset

“Attention, if sudden and close, graduates into surprise; and this into astonishment; and this into stupefied amazement.” – Darwin

So, I’m really fascinated by sunsets. There is something so very magical and interesting about witnessing the moment and transition from day to night. This cognisance and increased juxtaposition of day and night forces us to be more present and allows an experience of time dilation that transforms the sky. Altering the view right before our eyes. The shows us signs of importance and meaningfulness

All the colours of the rainbow squashed into a single frame, showing how creative and artistic the world is. Like someone has created a painting, yet the reality is that this is 100% natural. A phenomenal moment where every second is different; blink and you miss it. Experiencing the change is a breathtaking moment.

3 Reasons Why You Should Take Time Out For a Sunset

It slows down time. Ever feel like time is flying by and you need it to slow down, even for five minutes? Go watch a sunset, the 15-30 minutes you are sat there watching will feel like a lifetime, you will feel like you have achieved more in a short period of time than you will normally in that time frame.

It will help you appreciate life’s little gifts. This is a completely free experience and it happens every single night. Appreciating the little things will give you a greater appreciation for life and bigger things that come your way. It’s the simpler things in life that have more of an impact on your mind.

It will inspire you. You have a long period of time to think whilst watching the sunset. Try thinking of the positives in your life, what you want to achieve in life and your goals and aspirations. Sunsets are one of the few things in life which you can enjoy without having to spend a penny. Just take in its natural beauty and feel it completely captivating you.

“When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of a moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator”


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