Things I Want To Accomplish In Life

Okay wow, hello! It’s been a while and I apologise! Things have been super busy recently and I can finally say I’m settled in my new job and I’m ready to give this another bash! Hope this isn’t a boring post, but it’s such a great feeling getting all my ambitions out there… because now I have no excuse not to do them AHHH!

I am a very ambitious person. There are so many things I want to learn and so many activities I want to embark in. As of quite recently I’ve become super career focused and have a general idea of the direction I want to go in and the path I want to follow. That path being my own – creating my own unique career made up of things I enjoy doing that are also professionally useful.

Starting with a few serious ambitions of mines, specifically career related – I want to complete my current apprenticeship and get a level 6 diploma – I actually started my new job back in February and I found it through an apprenticeship company, meaning over the course of the next year I’ll be working my normal day job as an admin assistant and working hard on my apprenticeship studying topics ranging from Web Development, Accounting and Data Modelling and sooooo many more!  I’m so excited to have something to work from and start building my life from here.

I want a degree! Specifically I want to do an OpenUniversity course and get a degree in Business Management and Marketing. For the last 5 years or so i’ve loved the idea of being able to manage a business, whether that be my own or for part of another business. Now i’m certain it’s the path I am going to follow and I’m going to spend the next few years working hard on improving my business skills and educating myself on everything related. I was never someone who visioned myself going to university full time and although I say “never regret anything you do”…. I kinda regret it. There are so many things that set you back when you don’t have a degree beside your name HOWEVER, this does not stop you from doing anything. There is always a way and a degree isn’t always the answer.

The idea of starting my own business and being my own boss is extremely appealing to me – there would be no limits within the business and the opportunity for me to incorporate all of my hobbies and interests into one organisation – I would literally be living the dream.

Run a Race For Life. Personally, without shame, I know that if I was to even attempt this it would be completely impossible for me to do. I’m so unfit and unhealthy that even running for a minute completely tires me out. At some point (in my 20s) I want to start working on improving my fitness and train to be able to do a Race For Life. They are done for such a good cause and it definitely is a push for me. Maybe some day….

Be as sustainable as I can. I’m all for being eco friendly and there are so many things you can do to become more ethical and sustainable. Over the next few years i’m going to slowly change, or attempt to change, every aspect of my life as I believe there is a sustainable way to everything! I already do my bit, with my metal straws and reusable water bottle – but there are soooo many more things I can do to help the planet and I urge if anyone hasn’t started by changing the smallest thing, please please do it!

Write a book.. or two. Now… although I blog, I don’t ever label myself as a writer. But the idea of writing a book and publishing it for other people to read is such an attractive idea to me! I consider myself a creative person and I think once I have an idea… I won’t stop until i’m done!  I don’t think i’d choose the traditional go-to fiction either, I feel like i’d write about something very unique with an unusual genre.

Publish poetry. During primary school, Robert Burns day was always my favourite – just that whole time of the year as well. I was such a shy person but when it came to the poetry competition, I was always first to remember my poem, first to come up with a new idea anddddd.. first place in the competition. Poetry is a beautiful yet simple way to express yourself. In this day and age, it doesn’t even have to make sense yet it is so stunning! Maybe I could combine my book idea and write a poetry book… wow now the ideas are coming in!

Happiness, Live wholeheartedly. This one will forever be at the top of anything. I want nothing more than to be completely happy with my life and with myself. It is often a huge struggle to get through every day and I recently I feel like i’ve just lost myself. I’m going to work on building myself and treating myself the way I deserve to be treated. Taking good care of myself because self-care is soooo important and it improves everything in your life.

I want to live a long, happy life and not regret anything I do. I want to be completely confident and express myself in any way I feel necessary. I’m going to keep those who support me close by my side, and although that isn’t a TONNN of people, the ones who are there create the biggest support system you could every imagine!…. my little rant is over xx





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