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So I have to admit, I’m not a movie person in the slightest! I’ve not watched any of the Harry Potter films, Spiderman or Batman… honestly you name it I’ve probably not watched it! Oops. However I do have 5 favourite films that sit in a neat little pile on my shelf and I watch on a regular basis. So I thought I’d share!


Surprise surprise this is number one! OMG this film is like no other, it’s been my favourite for years and everything about it is completely perfect. I recently went to see this in the King’s Theatre in Glasgow and apart from the heat in the building (lol) it was absolutely AMAZING and I want to experience it again and again. Of course like most gals, I have a huge crush on Patrick Swayze and his role in the movie is insaneeeeeee.


This film of course is obviously going to be on the list, you cannot say you like 70s/80s films if this isn’t in your top 5! Grease is so girly and gives me girlfriend envy – I need some sleepover buddies. Not to mention that John Travolta is to die for – such a heart throb <3


This film was released in 1990 and I wish I was around to experience it when it first aired. Again starring my favourite celeb Patrick Swayze (insert heart eyes), it’s such a lovely and romantic story and of course definitely brings on the tears. The song Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers famously known for it’s appearance in the super sad scene in Ghost is a perfect fit and will pretty much ALWAYS make me cry. Why can’t they make more movies like this!


If you didn’t read my blog post about the books I (was) going to read this year then you won’t know that I’m a HUGEEE fan of anything Stephen Hawking related. This film is a beautiful and inspiring take on the amazing and unique life lived by Stephen Hawking and portrays the love towards him by his wife and kids. It is definitely a rollercoaster of emotions but shows you how this extraordinary man discovered so much about the universe that maybe we wouldn’t have known today if it wasn’t for him – he was a complete gift to this world.


My Girl is a story about a little girl called Veda. She is the cutest and sweetest girl you will ever come across and her little story is amazing. This film always makes me cry no matter how many times I watch it…. obviously can’t give out any spoilers but trust me, there will be tears! Not to mention that Veda is on my baby names list as i’m all for unique and quirky names. If my future kids turn out like Veda I’d be over the moon 😀


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