Christmas Day Menu- Blogmas Day 23

Christmas day food is the best food ever! Not sure if it is because Christmas day was the only day in the year that my siblings and I were allowed to eat as many sweeties as we wanted and not stop eating until we ended up in a food coma or it’s just because the Christmassy magic makes it taste incredible!!!

But here is my family’s Christmas day menu! I thought this would be a good idea as we don’t eat the traditional “Turkey and Stuffing” and crazy amounts of Veg, but instead we have a huge array of food that everyone likes and will last us a couple of days after Christmas! Means we can continue the festivities!

Wedding Bordered Minimalist Menu.jpg

So since you know, everyone wakes up at 6am on Christmas morning (still me yes), we are always super hungry by the time it comes to 9/10am. So all of the food on this menu gets scoffed almost instantly!

My go-to breakfast from this menu would be 2x of the homemade crepes, one chipolata and one slice of bacon (or maybe more oops) and drenched in maple syrup!


Wedding Bordered Minimalist Menu (2).jpg

So the dinner is obviously the most important menu! We usually have our Christmas dinner around 3pm – not sure why but apparently most people eat earlier on Christmas, guess it is sort of a late lunch/early dinner meal! I’m not complaining of course, I cannot resist.

So without shame, my ultimate meal from this is genuinely some of everything (apart from sprouts) – Go big or go home, you know what I mean 😉 Little selection of every meat, mashed potato, roasties, pigs in blankets, veg and then finished off by a complete soaking of gravy – omg I’m getting so hungry, Christmas dinner can’t come sooner!

Let me know what your favourite/ultimate Christmas dinner is and if you find anything on my menus super crazy and weird!!!

Happy Christmas eve eve!

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