Christmas Decorations – Blogmas Day 9

My House!



Whilst I was at my boyfriends house over the weekend, my little sister decorated a mini tree in our bedroom and OMG it is so cute! It is the perfect Christmas edition to our bedroom.


Weirdly enough I thought everyone still decorated their ceilings with these decorations, but I recently discovered that they are very 90s/00s and my mum has just kept it going! Had these up every Christmas since I was a baby!




I am obsessed with the colour theme of our decorations this year!

My Boyfriends House




This year, I wasn’t home for the 1st of December which meant I was missing out on decorating with my family! But luckily enough, my boyfriend and his family also decorate on the 1st, so I gave them a helping hand!

Apart from having the cold and just wanting to sleep (lol), I had a great day shopping with his mum and finding more cool sparkly decorations and then spending the afternoon decorating the entire house!

If you have a post with your decorations, please link it below!! I love to see how people have different themes and ways of decorating! Also let me know if you still use the old fashioned ceiling decorations!

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