Christmas Eve Family Traditions – Blogmas Day 24

Ahhh, Christmas eve – the last day in the countdown to Christmas! The night where nobody sleeps due to excitement – or maybe that is just me, big kid alert!! Everyone does different things on Christmas eve, whether it is visiting family or just having a chilled out day preparing for the following morning!! But I thought it would be good as it is Christmas eve, to share what my family and I do!

For the last few years, my mum and I have always set our alarms for 6am and went down to the shopping centre for opening time! Weirdly not for shopping, but we grab a McDonalds breakfast and have a wander around watching everyone do their last minute shopping! When we get back, we usually will spend the rest of the day tidying the house and pretending we aren’t tired after waking up at 6am (LOL)… but i mean, we are exhausted! and from this point on we usually spend the afternoon in our pajamas and lazing around before all the fun begins the next day!

After we have had dinner, we always take turns to shower/bath and my mum gives us our new Christmas pajamas to open up and wear into Christmas morning! Since it is Christmas, they are usually crazy colours and do not match what-so-ever!


Once we are in our pajamas, we all sit downstairs and watch the same sequence of films — all cartoons of course.

The Snowman And The Snowdog


The Snowman


Father Christmas


The Gruffalo


The Gruffalo’s Child


How many of these films do watch on Christmas eve? If any at all!


Okay so this is where it gets weird, every time I tell someone that we open all of the presents under the tree they think my family and I are crazy! I swear it started with “Okay everyone pick one present from under the tree, the rest are for tomorrow morning” and from that moment it was “okay just one more”…. and before we knew it, they were all open and we each had a little pile of new items and we were now itching to go to bed!

So now, I guess it’s just a little tradition of ours to go crazy on the gifts!


Now it is about 9pm and it is time for the reindeer dust in the garden, a carrot for Rudolph and some milk ‘n’ cookies for Santa! – Even at my age yes, I never let the magic die!

If you are reading this on Christmas eve, I hope you are spending it with your loved ones and feeling completely relaxed! and I hope you have an amazing Christmas! <3

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