Christmas Throwback, Throughout the Years – Blogmas Day 19

Christmas has always been that time of year that my family and I love! Especially my mum, our love for Christmas is definitely one of the things we bond over. In fact, as I’m writing this, we are heading out at the end of the week to visit our first Christmas market of the year – bringing along my boyfriend as well – and I’m super excited!

Ever since I was little, my parents have been capturing the exciting moments of Christmas day. Like opening up a toy I wanted all year, or sitting with my Christmas cracker hat on – whatever it is, we 100% will have a photo of it somewhere!

I thought I would be sentimental and write a blog post about Christmas throwbacks and include the photos of me over the years and explain the meaning behind the photos! So I hope you enjoy!


So starting off with a bit of a strange picture? I mean what is that odd Santa contraption?! When I was in primary 2 they assigned us a task to invent something! And since I love Christmas, I wanted to go with a Santa theme. So here we have Robo-Santa – he was made from 1 Ice-cream box, 4 toilet roll tubes and lolly-pop sticks and decorated with tissue paper, a Santa face drawing and bin bags over his feet!

His purpose was to deliver presents in a secret and functional manner! The propeller at the front was for him to fly fast and make it down the chimneys on-time. There was a stick attached to his head from behind and it could twist his head around so he can see allllll around him and the large hands for carrying multiple presents.

We love you Robo-Santa


This photo doesn’t bring back many memories for me, because I was super young and I can’t remember ANYTHING – but I just loved how I was transporting that huge chunk of ham by balancing it between my cutlery and slowly bringing it up to my face. I wonder how many times I dropped it.

Also can we take a minute to appreciate how cute my outfit was?! And my hair was literally blinding!



I think we can all admit that Christmas dinner is the best meal of the year, and apparently I loved to show my passion for pigs in blankets and the Christmas ham by giving the biggest smile to the camera. Forever living for FOOOOOOD.

whole camera 492.jpg

When I was in primary 6 and 7 at school, I had a massive obsession with rocks, crystals and geology in general. I had even planned to be a geologist or archeologist when I was older, I had all the books, rock collections, fossils – trust me I was convinced it was going to be my profession. The reason I love this photo is because you can see the genuine excitement in my face when I got the crystal growing kit that I once saw in Toys-R-Us and put at the very very top of my Christmas list to Santa that year. Along with that, I got a rock tumbler, a telescope and a mini microscope. Was probably the most excited I have ever been at Christmas!

whole camera 508.jpg

I can confirm, that I wore that same headband for about 4 years in a row, so if you notice I look different ages but have the same headband – I really did wear that headband religiously! This photo is me, sitting at the table eating my Christmas dinner. And behind me is evidence of the only white Christmas I have ever had in my life! If you are from the UK, Scotland in particular, you know it is super uncommon to get snow in December and it is usually falling in March/April time. So it was a massive surprise to everyone that the whole month of December, we couldn’t go to school and we had snowfall on Christmas day! I’m forever hopeful that I will experience this again – fingers crossed 😉

whole camera 763.jpg

I will just leave this here…. I never used that skateboard, and never fulfilled my Avril Lavigne Skater Girl dreams.

This post was actually one of my favourites to write so far. I sat and looked through 3 hugeeee boxes of photos and it sent me right down memory lane! I’m so happy my parents were able to capture all the cute/funny/crazy moments over the years.

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