Cosy Night In Essentials – Blogmas Day 12

Who can resist a cosy night in after a long working week and continuous Christmas prep? I know I can’t! Which is why I thought I would share some of the products/activities that make my cosy night in absolutely perfect!!


First thing is definitely to have a huge bubble bath using all of your favourite bath products – here is a list of mines!

If I am feeling extra fancy, I will use some lavender scented products – lavender is great for calming you and making you sleepy!



My favourite go-to face mask is The Birth of Venus – Jelly Facemask from Lush! Not only does it look cool, it smells incredible and leaves your skin super soft!

Face masks are also great to do with a partner or your family if you are having a cosy night together!



Hot chocolate allllll the way! Sweet, chocolatey goodness topped with a whipped cream spiral and marshmallows – OMG



Usually I’ve always got the cosiest pajamas on and I’ve got myself wrapped up in a fluffy blanket – I am in my ultimate state of happiness. For this part, make sure you have everything you need set up in bed or wherever you are planning to relax and get all cuddled in. Nothing worse than getting comfy and realising you left something important in the other room – trust me I do it all the time.

Oh! Don’t forget the fuzzy socks!


Of course at this time of the year, you have to pick a Christmas film!

I highly recommend that you choose The Polar Express or Home Alone 2 – definitely two of my favourites!!

Now I definitely think I owe myself a Christmas Night-In!

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