Everyday Winter Make-up Routine – Blogmas Day 4

Happy Blogmas day 4 everyone! Today I thought I’d do something a little different! I usually stay clear of the makeup videos, because quite frankly, I’m no makeup artist. (And between you and I, I used to post makeup videos on Youtube when I was 12 and this brings back so many memories).

However I decided that over the course of Blogmas, I’m going to try out things that aren’t just a written blog post – so here we are!

My makeup routine is pretty bog standard. Weirdly (and luckily) I’ve never had problematic skin, even as teen. So my makeup has never included any full coverage foundations or ultra matte powders or any of those super orange bronzers to hide anything. Which is why I thought that talking about my everyday makeup would be good for those who don’t really wear a lot, but still like to enhance their natural beauty and features on a daily basis… well almost daily, who can be bothered wearing makeup!

Before you watch the video of me doing my makeup, I’m going to briefly talk about all the products I use, which is a staggering 7 products – WOW

All the links will be listed at the end!

Revolution-Pro-Foundation-Drops-F1-758842.jpgSo I never faff around with primers and bases, because personally they just don’t work for me. So it’s straight into the foundation! Which is the Revolution Pro Foundation Drops in the shade F1 (YES I’m pale, I’m from Scotland 😉 )

As you can see in the video at the bottom of the page, it just blends into my skin and looks like I have nothing on. It is super light weight and doesn’t budge the entire day.

Also a plus, it’s only £7 and lasts about 5 months for me – what a bargain!

mac-cosmetics---studio-fix-powder-plus-foundation-_nw10_-.52-oz-_15-ml_-mastudfopw1 So next on the list is the MAC Studio Fix Plus Power which to be honest, is just like any other powder! I bought myself this I’d say around 5 years ago with some pocket money I saved up and it was my favourite makeup purchase ever! And it lasted soooooo long.

As any powder, it just locks my foundation in place and keeps my face “less shiny” than before!

benefit-hoola-lite-powder-bronzer-8g So if you are pale like me, you will know the struggle of trying to find a bronzer that doesn’t look 50 shades darker than your face!

I originally got the standard Benefit Hoola Bronzer and no matter how lightly I tapped, I had really dark lines all over my face. So when this was released I was over the moon! It is now my everyday bronzer!


I definitely don’t think this product is on trend anymore, but I haven’t found anything like it since I bought it!

This product lasts a lifetime and makes my brows fleeky every day.

Disclaimer – yes I have blonde hair, yes I use the dark brown pomade – I love it 🙂


Urban Decay Naked Cherry – STUNNING

This is a product I really only use around the Christmas period as I feel unable to rock the dusty pink colours in any other season!

The shades I used were Bang Bang and Ambitious!


Maybelline Great Lash in black is a super cheap staple in anyone’s makeup bag – and yes, a super 2010 beauty guru type of mascara.

But I guess it does the job!


THIS, OMG, is the best and brightest highlighter I have ever owned.

Highlighter is definitely my favourite item of makeup to play about with, I’m obsessed with the shine!

If I could coat my entire face, I 100% would do it…. just saying

List of products

And without further ado – please enjoy this timelapse of me doing my 10 minute, everyday makeup!

Ignore that weird thumbnail – ya girl isn’t verified!

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