Favourite Winter/Christmas Scents – Blogmas Day 11

When it comes to Christmas scents, of the perfume/candle brands bring out the most insane smells and if I could I swear I would buy every single one! I wanted to go over 5 of my favourite products that come out over the winter season as I’m sure so many people share the love for candles and air-fresheners and all things SMELLY!

Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie Candle


This candle OMG is up there on the list of fave scents, it is sooooo sweet and smells like magic! I have loads of the wax melts, tea-lights and smaller jars of this scent!

I swear my family must be sick of it!

Find it here <–

Febreze Candle Vanilla Latte


Okay so there is a running theme of sweet, vanilla scents – oops my bad! BUT this candle smells amazing, so amazing in fact there is also an air freshener!

Also super duper cheap!

Find it here <–

Febreze Air Freshener Spray Frosted Pine


Bit of a weird one…. but why does the smell of pine/leaves/outside smell so nice? It always works so well during December when we have our tree up (fake ofc) and it smells like Frosted Pine – Heart EYES

Find it here <–

ScentSicles O Christmas Tree Scented Tree Decorations


Following the theme of tree smells, these sticks were discovered by my mum in poundland last year and you just pop one or two into your christmas tree and the tree lets off a fir smell!

Find it here <–

Yankee Candle Cinnamon Stick Classic Reed Diffuser


Last but not least, we have a traditional cinnamon stick reed diffuser! This is definitely a love or hate product as it is an extremely strong cinnamon scent – but who doesn’t love cinnamon?

Find it here <–

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