Merry Christmas – Blogmas Day 25

The day is finally here! The best day of the entire year. I hope you are all having / have had the best Christmas day ever, because I know I certainly will be.

Doing Blogmas has been super fun and I’m mega proud of myself for putting in all the effort I did in order to complete it! Hats off to anyone who blogs on a daily basis – you are amazing! I will be posting on the 31st of this month so make sure you stick around!

I will be spending today all cosy with my family, the best selection of food, cheese ‘n’ crackers and probably fast asleep at 8:30pm – but come on who doesn’t wake up at 6am on Christmas….

The rest of this year will be spent winding down and visiting the rest of my family and staying at my boyfriends house over the new year, doing fun and crazy activities with his family!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and thanks for sticking around if you did <3

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