My Favourite Vlogmas Youtubers!- Blogmas Day 22

So for years now I’ve been a vlogmas advocate, in fact I look forward to December all year! As sad as it sounds, it really isn’t Christmas without sitting down after work and going through the list watching everyone’s Vlogmas episode for the day.

I’m sure a lot of you reading this will be exactly the same, festive vlogs every day leading up to Christmas by our favourite youtubers – does anything sounds better?!

So here are a few of my favourites –

Zoe Sugg

I mean this is a given, she is literally the Vlogmas queen. My favourite vlogmas was in 2013, for some weird reason I watch this on loop all year round – it’s so old school youtube and never fails to cheer me up. If you are feeling “unfestive” and want something cosy to watch, give this a try!

Alfie Deyes

Alongside Zoe, I love watching Alfie’s perspective of the same day – weirdly hahahah. I’ve always been a huge fan of Zoe and Alfie and their Vlogmas makes spending 5 hours on videos a day so worthwhile – oops

Gemma Louise Miles

I only recently discovered this youtuber after my boyfriends sister recommended her to me and I’m obsessed with her! I wish there was a way to make her my best friend – she’s obsessed with Christmas just as much as I am and starts the festive videos so early on in the year!

Here is a playlist of hers that includes all of her Christmassy videos from 2018

Rhiannon Ashlee

I have been watching Rhiannon for about 6 years now and I just admire her so much! Her vlogs are so humble and relaxed and now she has a gorgeous girl who is super sweet and makes the vlogs even better! Definitely worth the watch, you’ll love her <3

Elle Darby and Lucy Jessica Carter

These two youtubers are sisters so I thought I would keep them together! They are a family that I discovered at the beginning of this year and I have so much love for them, they are friendly, stunning and such a loving family!

Lucy is currently heavily pregnant with twins girls and posting every day in Vlogmas and I mean, isn’t that crazy?!

Let me know who your favourite people are to watch over the Christmas period! I’m all ears to new incredible people 😉

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