Our Amsterdam Trip – Blogmas Day 21

Hey! Happy Blogmas day 21!!!! As I am writing this, we just returned from our cute and Christmassy weekend away to Amsterdam – we had the most amazing time and I honestly can’t believe that when I post this it will almost be Christmas

I though it would be a good idea to share some of the photos I took, as travel photos are my favourite part of a trip! If you don’t know already, Amsterdam is my favourite place to visit and after going last December, I was so excited to revisit with my boyfriend and have a chilled out weekend eating good food and looking at loads of Christmas lights

I hope you like my photos! If you visited somewhere this festive season please let me know all about it in the comments – I’d love to see photos too!

So obviously we have to start off by looking at how incredible the buildings look. For some reason I’m obsessed with old, uneven, messy looking buildings and Amsterdam is like the ultimate city goals for me – honestly I’d move here. The last photo is edited and was uploaded to my instagram, which you can check out right here ->> Click me!

Here are a few more photos of the buildings that caught my eye – again, most of these are edited as I love using my own preset on my photos! Uploading these photos is making me wish I was still in Amsterdam 🙁

Why didn’t anyone tell me that shopping bags weren’t cute in photos? Hey, at least I look happy… LOL! We found this super cute Christmas Bauble near where we were staying and I couldn’t resist asking for a cheeky insta pic!


It’s safe to say that Thomas and I ate our body weight in food in the space of 3 days – but it’s a holiday! Who doesn’t want to eat everything they set their eyes on??

The first two pics are from a place called Manneken Pis which is a little fast food place close to Amsterdam Centraal station – I spotted these chips last year and for some reason never waited in the massive queue, and as soon as we left I instantly regretted not getting them. So as expected, this year we went and all I ever wanted to eat was chips! The two sauces I tried were Cheese sauce and curry ketchup – can’t decide which is my favourite but you should definitely give them a try if you are visiting!

Last year we visited this new shopping centre which was not complete at the time, so this year we were interested in seeing if it was finished – and it was! It looked amazing on the inside and was sooooo Christmassy!

The Christmas tree was hanging from the top of the building and was floating above everyone shopping on lower levels – how crazy is that tree! I need one of those in my house.

One thing I noticed about Amsterdam this year was that there was a lot more artwork and interesting concepts around the place and these two really caught my eye.

There were a few other things we done whilst on our trip that we didn’t take any photos of! Simply because we were enjoying ourselves and didn’t feel that our phones were necessary and because we weren’t allowed to use our phone! But if you are planning on visiting the Van Gogh Museum, I would definitely recommend it – super interesting and you learn so much about the artist and his life and both my boyfriend and I learned things we would have never knew if it wasn’t for this visit!

I hope you enjoyed this post, be sure to check my instagram account for more photos/stories on our trip!

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