What’s in my Handbag Winter Edition – Blogmas Day 17

Happy Blogmas! We are closing in on Christmas and I actually can’t believe how quickly December has been! SLOW DOWN PLEASEEEE. For this post I thought I would be old school and show you what stuff I carry around in my handbag, more specific to the cold seasons!

I say handbag, but for some reason I find backpacks so much easier and they have tons more space than a little shoulder bag or hand bag – don’t know why but It’s just how i’ve always been!

For the last year, my backpack of choice has been the very popular Fjallraven Kanken in the grey colour. It is just cute, perfect sized little back and it goes with everything I wear!


So moving on to the items that are always in my bag!

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Number one – A Christmas gift from my parents a few years ago, which I love so so so much! For some reason I’ve always been a fan of having a huge purse – every card must have its own slot and notes mustn’t fold in half – if it has all of those I am happy!

Number two – Hand cream is a must, especially in the winter! The cold sucks all of the moisture out of your hands and mines end up cracked and sore and it is not a pleasant experience!

Number three – Gloves to keep my little hands toasty! My hands always go bright red when I go out in the cold without gloves and I reckon cold hands means a cold body!

Number four – Carmex Pomegranate is thee only lip-balm that makes my lips as soft as ever! It is £3-£4 and lasts a good few months – highly recommend! As we all know of course, winter is basically a “chapped lips” invitation! Make sure you are keeping them happy 😉

Number five – Whether you have the winter cold or not, colder weather is a reason for getting a runny nose out of nowhere, and trust me there is nothing worse than not having a tissue when you need one.

Number six – Germs, Christmas bugs… you can’t be too careful right?

Number seven – Little snacks to keep you going throughout the day are mega important! I usually carry some cereal bars, nut mixes or some crisps just incase I’m feeling peckish or know that I won’t be eating for a while!

Number eight – Wet wipes! OMG the amount of times I’ve had a sticky hand and no toilet nearby to wash up – sticky hards are one of my biggest pet peeves, like how annoying is a small patch of “sticky” EW EW EW!

Let me know what your winter bag essentials are! and if there is anything I’m missing out on <3

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