Why I Love the Festive Season! – Blogmas Day 1

OH MY GOD! Guysss…. It’s almost Christmas AHHHH. I’ve been waiting for this month to arrive since it ended in 2018. I cannot wait for you to read this post.

This year, I came up with the crazy idea of joining many other bloggers on the Blogmas journey – posting a festive blog post every single day (yes I am 100% committing to this). I figured it would be a good challenge for myself as I struggle to stick to a normal blogging schedule – i’ve tried so many times!

So this is post number one! And I decided to go down the route as to why I love the festive season + Christmas so much. I mean it’s really a no-brainer – It is just AWESOMEEE.

Fairy Lights (Everywhere) 

As soon as the nights start drawing in and it’s dark at 5pm, there is nothing more cosy than lighting a Christmas Yankee Candle, switching on the fairy lights you have dotted around your house and settling down with a nice toasty marshmallow hot chocolate and watching The Santa Clause with your loved ones. As well as in your house, shops, streets lights and almost anywhere you visit will have some form of cute fairy lights on display.

Cold Weather

Weirdly, i’ve never been a huge fan of summer! I don’t know how to dress, i’m always overheating and struggling to get anything done as all I am thinking about is the heat! Therefore once it hits October and it starts getting a little chilly, I feel like i’m able to fully relax and enjoy the coming months.

Cold weather also calls for loads of fun indoor activities, such as movie nights and baking – which of course you will see plenty of over the course of December, be sure to keep up-to-date!

Cosy Clothes

Layers, layers and even more layers. Ahhh it’s my favourite! Cosy clothes and layering is definitely up there on the list of “best things about winter”. First a vest top, then an oversized knitted jumper, then a scarf, then finally your giant winter jacket – keeping you nice a toasty whilst you are on your adventures. It is also a massive excuse to spend every day in slouchy oversized clothes…. who doesn’t want to be doing that?


Christmas music is my absolute guilty pleasure and I listen to it all year round without shame! There is something so uplifting and exciting about Christmas songs and it never fails to brighten my mood and get me sooooo buzzing for end of the year to arrive.

Some of my favourites include Fairytale of New York, Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) and All I Want for Christmas is YOUUUUUUUUU. I will however be creating a huge list of all my favourites shortly – keep your eyes peeled.

I could honestly go on for days explaining all the reasons why I love the festive season, but it really is just the best time of the year and i’m sure sooo many of you agree.

I hope you are all excited to join me on the Blogmas journey and decide tune in at 6pm every evening this month to see what exciting Christmas topic I am writing about or activity I am doing!

Love you all <3

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