Blogging Goals For 2020

Sometimes it is super important to set yourself goals to work towards in any aspect of your life- everyone has goals as aspirations right? But often we can create a huge list of unrealistic goals and end up disappointed in ourselves when we haven’t achieved what we want. This was a major lesson that 2019 taught me, after setting myself some new year resolutions and after a few weeks of really pushing myself, I caved in and ruined most of the resolutions right off the bat.

This year I have decided not to set myself unrealistic goals, but instead, focus on some realistic goals and thing I know I can achieve if I work at the same pace I am currently.

Since I have really been enjoying my blog and I’m constantly wanting to work on it and create content, most of my goals for 2020 are blog related – the personal goals I have decided not to blog about, but work on in the background and potentially talk about them at the end of 2020 (please don’t come around as quick as this year did).

So without further ado, here are a few of my blog related goals for 2020!

Blog more consistently

For some reason, over 2019 I found it really difficult to keep up the pace and actually blog on a regular basis – and I would end up going 2/3, sometimes even longer, without posting a blog post. This year I want to focus more on just writing what I enjoy and posting regularly – no set days, just at least once a week!

Get the hang of being self-hosted

As I am writing this (31st of Dec), it is the first full day of being on a self-hosted blog – and it is taking some time to fully understand the ins and outs of every setting/page. I’m hoping that after a month or so, I will be a pro and will be able to make the most of my blog and have it look just how I want it to look!


Throughout December I really came to terms with the importance of engaging with the social world and properly marketing/selling my blog posts. For the longest time I would post a new piece of writing, and I wouldn’t tweet about it or share it on any other socials – my sessions were always very low and never changed and It would always make me feel very negative about the growth of my blog. When doing Blogmas, I scheduled a tweet every day for the time the post was going up and I would engage with other blogs and I noticed a huge increase in unique visitors and post reads! I went from 20 visitors in November, to 205 in December! Which is a huge increase for me.

Battle the embarrassment and self doubt!

A ton of you will know what I mean when I mention self doubt and feeling embarrassed about your blog – but I really don’t know why it has been such a big problem for me. I’ve always been really shy and worried that people are laughing at what I’m doing and it hasn’t left me to this day. I’m always paranoid that someone, somewhere is laughing at a video I posted, or cringing at a blog post – BUT why does it even matter!?!?!

2020 is going to be the year my blog flourishes into something spectacular and I can’t wait to make more friends and continue to create content that I’m obsessed with.

I hope that if you are reading this, that you have set yourself some goals for your blog and written them down to reference throughout the year! Work towards those goals and make yourself proud.

Happy New Year everyone <3 x


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20 thoughts on “Blogging Goals For 2020

  1. I loved reading this! I am trying to build up my blog and become more successful with it this year too. A lot of our goals for our blogs are the same. I wish you all the best and I hope we both become very successful in our blogging journeys this year!

  2. I agree that it is important to set realistic goals and I totally agree with you that being social and interactive makes a huge difference. My blog performance really improved once I started to interact more with the blogging community on Twitter.

    Hope you crush all your goals this New Year!

    1. I also think that the blogging community is a super positive and happy place to be! Everyone is so friendly and supportive – thank you for reading and commenting <3

      All the best for 2020 <3 x

  3. Love your goals; they are all very solidly blog related, and there is nothing like good goals to help us grow. I am looking to go self-hosted to! With all things, it takes time to learn but being able to make your page look like your vision is what makes it worth it. πŸ™‚

  4. I really loved reading this! It seems like we share many of the same 2020 blogging goals, so I’m happy there’s someone who can relate to the way I feel too! I really want to stop feeling embarrassed of my blog (and my writing in general) and just be confident in what I’m doing since I put so much work into it. I also want to hopefully go self hosted this year too and I want to get a hang of all that! I hope you meet all of your goals in 2020! Happy New Year! πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you so much for the support! Overcoming the fear of judgement is a tricky one but we will both get there – All the best for 2020 <3 x

  5. Good luck with your goals! And congratulations on going self hosted, it’s such a nice feeling knowing you own your space and you can make it look however you want. I hope you’re managing to get your head around things now! Scheduling tweets can make such a big difference! x


  6. Happy New Year, Rachel! All the best with your blog this 2020. Publishing blog posts consistently is also something I’m aiming for this year especially since I just went full-time. How was Blogmas for you? I’ve been contemplating joining that for a while, but maybe this year I’ll join! And I totally understand where you are coming from in terms of telling people about being a blogger. I used to also feel ashamed about it because I was worried about what people would think, but in the end, it’s your life and your happiness. If blogging makes you happy, then you should continue blogging and own the term “blogger” ☺️

    1. Blogmas was actually super fun and not as hard as I imagined! I was able to come home and be super creative and schedule 2/3 posts a day and seeing my numbers go up from posting every day was a great feeling – 100% recommend it <3

      1. I liked this post, made me really think of my blogging goals for the year. I also need to post every week without exception and learn more about Seo. Good read!

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