Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020!

Happy New Year everyone!

I honestly feel like I just uploaded my Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019 post, isn’t it crazy how quick this year has gone? It’s genuinely quite scary! But I guess it’s that time again to reflect on my year and talk about all the cool things I done – this year was a big one for me!

So to begin with, I got a new job

If you were around last year, you will remember me mentioning how I wasn’t happy with my job and that I actually handed in my notice in order to move onto better things. Well after quitting, I had a job interview within two weeks and I got the job the day after my interview – I was so surprised at how quickly I was able to find a job that was through and apprenticeship programme and start a new journey. Shortly after starting my job, I started my apprenticeship which was in Digital Application Support and I was going out on training courses and gaining so much experience in the working world – and five months later, I had completed everything and got my qualification! I have now been promoted and am working on more exciting projects at work. I am over the moon with everything career wise and incredibly proud of myself for sticking with my gut!

Trip to Inverness

Early April this year, my boyfriend and I set off on a 4.5 hour drive to a small village called Tomintoul for a work project he was completing. When I say small, I mean it was one street long with a few cafe’s and houses and a few hotels – TINY

Screen Shot 2019-12-23 at 21.30.11.png

Even though I’m fully Scottish, I had never ventured up north and was in awe at the amazing views and snowy hills that surrounded us the entire journey.




These photos do the view no justice, trust me it is even more incredible when you are driving through it!
Once we stayed in Tomintoul for one night, we set off to Inverness! This time it was only a 1 hour drive and we were heading off to the place that my boyfriend grew up! The entire time we were there he was showing me around all of the places he used to eat at, his high school and his old house – it must have been great for him to visit again after so long!


We visited Loch Ness which was a bucket list place for me – the weather wasn’t the greatest so the view was super foggy, but nonetheless, I really enjoyed it!

New Pet!


So my family have never been into dogs and cats, but instead, hamsters! I think in my lifetime we have had around 10 and for easter this year, my mum surprised us with a new baby hamster after one of ours sadly passed away!

In true sibling style, we called her Egg and she is the softest and kindest hamster we have ever had!


This year our big holiday was to Croatia! Which was planned earlier in the year so we were constantly overexcited about the trip and always counting down the days! We both spent our 20th birthdays in Croatia as we are two days apart (hehe i’m older) and generally spent the two weeks chilling out by the pool and getting a good tan!




As you can see, Croatia is stunning! If you’d like to read more about this trip, click here! 


Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

If you were around during Blogmas, you would have seen this post >Here!< all about our amazing trip to Amsterdam!


Amsterdam is one of my favourite countries, everything about it is INCREDIBLE – So it was only fair to visit again! If you were around last year, you would have noticed I went at the same time as this year – picking up a little tradition here!

Personal Achievements 

This year has definitely been a game changer for me, everything is completely different in my life and I feel like I’m 99% on the correct road. There are a few things I’m proud of and I think it’s only fair to share!

Physical Activity

Okay so i’m like the most unfit person ever, I can’t touch my toes or run for 10 seconds without being tired and this year I felt the need to try and improve this. Although I have a long fitness journey ahead of me and it isn’t my main priority, I am keen to keep progressing and trying new ways to get fit!

I signed up for PureGym and started going to a weekly Zumba class with my incredible friend Chloe. I 100% cannot dance and have no rhythm but it is a fun and easy way to improve your fitness, whilst busting a move to some “sexy” songs with the craziest instructor – I’m obsessed!

I went bouldering! So again, I’m actually really bad at it and always chicken out because I think “I’ll fall” or “I can’t do it”, but for me to even put the shoes on and climb is a big step! And I’m hoping that I continue to climb in the new year and get better and better at it!


In November I done The Veg Pledge for Cancer Research UK, although not raising a ton of money, it was good to challenge myself and get more into cooking dishes that included no meat products! It was great to cut out something that is impacting this rapid climate change and over the month I felt the most educated on the topic than I ever have! I would 100% recommend taking on the Veg Pledge in November 2020 and raising some money for Cancer Research UK.

I also signed up to do a Race For Life Muddy Run 5k in September 2020 – I’m on a roll!


This year I made it my priority to get over the fear of people looking at my blog – I’m so self conscious of what I’m doing 24/7 and I think I made good progress in letting it go!

I done Blogmas! Which is crazy, I actually uploaded content consecutively for 25 days and done loads of writing for the new year in between  – this may be a small victory for some people, but being able to post every day is huge for me!

I also, almost hit 500 unique visitors over the entire year! This means so much to me that almost 500 people checked in on my blog over 2019- 210 of you over December! I’m amazed at the support and I can’t wait to produce more and more content during 2020.

Passed my driving theory test and started lessons

As simple as it sounds, I had a massive freak out about how I was 100% going to fail and I would be so embarrassed when my boyfriend picked me up and it said “FAILED”  – But it didn’t…. so yay, really proud of myself for passing my theory! Just have to stick to the actual driving and pass that!

2020 is already looking like an amazing year and I can’t wait to see what it brings, hopefully more positivity and personal growth!

Wishing you all the best for 2020 <3 x

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    1. I 100% recommend you visit! Scotland is stunning (promise I’m not just saying that ;)..)
      Thank you for the read + comment – Happy New Year! x

  1. I’ve never visited Scotland but those photographs look absolutely stunning! It sounds like you had an amazing 2019 and I hope 2020 is just as good for you! 🙂

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