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2020 will mark the 4th year that I have been blogging and posting content on the web for everyone to see! 4 years is crazy omg!  And over those four years so much has changed and I have gained many new skills in the blogging area! 

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A few weeks ago I read a post (which I can’t find for the life of me.. ugh) where someone was chatting through the tools and applications they use for their blog. It was incredibly interesting to read and I ended up finding some new things that I could use!

I thought for this weeks post, I could give you a “behind-the-scenes” view of my blog and all the components of it!

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At the beginning of 2020, I sat down with my boyfriend and we moved my blog from WordPress to OVH. So now my blog is self hosted! Which is honestly 100 times better than just using WordPress itself. Although I don’t know too much about hosts, OVH stood out for me and was super inexpensive.

Self hosting allows you to customise your website without limitations! It also lets you add adverts without having to upgrade to premium plans!


This is one I haven’t seen on anyone’s blogging kit posts as of yet, but for me it is a huge factor!

I always make sure to keep a backup of every post on my Google Drive – even my entire blog HTML is in there. It is great for storing and organising different themed posts and pictures! I’m a little bit OTT when it comes to Drive… oopsies.


I was introduced to the application when I started my new job last year. It is a web-based list-making app which allows you to create multiple boards and lists – I love it!

Below is an example of what the application looks like – they are completely customisable and fun to play about with! OH and totally free 😀


Back in high school I was crazy about photography and spent most days out with my Canon 1300d taking so many pics!

I think it is super important to include your own pictures in posts and attached to tweet! So having a decent quality camera/lens is always a good investment – people love pictures!

Majority of the time I use my phone, which has a great back camera! It is great for practicing and taking bulk pictures.

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If you don’t have loads of time on your hands to take your own blog pictures 24/7,  royalty free images are always handy. There are many websites you can use such as Pexels and Pixaby – my personal favourite is Unsplash!


Having a planner is so so important to me! Every Sunday I sit down for about 30 minutes and plan out the next week, writing down tasks I want to complete and my working hours / driving lessons etc. Having everything written down in one place makes me feel organised and on top of everything!

With that being said, if you use online calendars and find that works better for you – amazing! Please let me know how you do it and any tips. I can’t stick to something electronic whatsoever!

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Canva is a recent discovery of mine! How on earth did I go so long without using it – omg I never want to go back.

Canva allows you to basically make any kind of graphic you may need for your brand/website. It is definitely one of the more popular applications within the blogging community.


Oh what an old school app! I’ve been using VSCO for soooo long and it has always been my favourite editing app. I’m a sucker for vintage + black ‘n’ white filters and VSCO gives you everything you need!

If you want to see some exclusive photos I’ve taken on here, check out my VSCO account – HERE

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I’m hoping that with a combination of these tools, I can accomplish my 2020 blogging goals and turn my blog into something amazing!


Happy blogging <3 x




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    1. Thank you for reading and leaving a comment! I’ve always wanted to try out Lightroom – so many people have recommended it!


  1. I love the idea of Trell0 – might have to download it and give it a go! I also sit down and plan, but I tend to find every evening before going to bed is best for me as I can relax into sleep. I avoid being stressed by trying to remember my mental to-do list for the next day. I also keep my planner handy on me so I never forget what to do 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your tips!

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