How I Unwind After A Long Week!


Quite often I find myself forgetting what day of the week I’m on. I’m on a commute, work, eat, work, commute, sleep and repeat kind of schedule. Squeezing in blog work, driving lessons and wanting to have a social life. Life can be crazy at times, which is why it is vital to take some time to look after yourself.

Looking after yourself and your personal well-being is one of the most important factors in life. Although sometimes thought to be a selfish act, neglecting your personal needs can lead to so many things you wouldn’t want to imagine yourself doing. This year I made self-care my number one priority as I felt I was moving in a downwards spiral position.

So far this year, taking care of myself has made a huge increase in my motivation, productivity, and overall happiness!

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I want to share with you a routine that I try to follow weekly (sometimes twice a week) that helps me to completely unwind after a long working week! After doing this routine, I always feel relaxed and ready for a good sleep and simply don’t have a single worry!



I must say, this is a BIG one! You may not even realise how reliant you are on your phone to get you through the day or even how often you are checking notifications!

Whilst running two Instagram accounts, a blog, twitter, and all those other socials, I am constantly on my phone whenever I can be. Engaging with others and reading blog posts! So when it comes to having a relaxing evening, it put my phone on silent and in my desk drawer for an hour or two!

It is proven that being on your phone before you go to sleep can actually bring many issues. Electronics keep you psychologically awake, making it difficult for you to fall asleep once you put your phone down!

So switch it off, put it away and prepare for a few hours of complete relaxation!



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Who doesn’t love a nice warm bubble bath? I think they are up there with one of my favourite things ever! You can fill them with all sorts of goodies and truly enjoy the atmosphere in complete peace!

Some of my favourite bath items are:

These items create a cosy and bubbly cocktail to relax in and I’m so relaxed!



You can’t have a self-care evening with a face mask! Before you pop into the bath, throw on a sheet mask or any kind of mask that you like and close your eyes! Let the bath relax you and the facemask do its magic.



#ad/gifted – This section of the post is in collaboration with Manchester Candles. Some of the items included were kindly gifted to me. 

Once out of the bath, I set my room up so it’s nice and comfortable to sit in and is full of positivity! First things first, a candle! Manchester Candles are hand-poured, fully vegan/natural, soy wax candles that come in many different scents. They are the perfect component to a meditation session or even just for everyday use.

I was lucky enough to be kindly sent the Breathe candle, which is a sandalwood aromatherapy candle – designed to help you gain focus, lift energies and feel incredibly calm.

This candle has helped me during my self-care routine and is definitely now my candle of choice!

Once I’ve had my bath and I’m in my pajamas with a candle burning gently beside me, I like to choose an activity that doesn’t involve my phone or laptop and focus on that for an hour or two!

One of my favourite things to do is a jigsaw! When doing a jigsaw, my focus is fully on the process and I don’t even think to look at my phone – I also find it so much easier to sleep afterward, because my brain hasn’t been frazzled by my phone!

Some other activities you could do are:

  • Colouring
  • Reading
  • Knitting/crocheting
  • Board games
  • Meditation/Manifestation

There are so many other activities you can do to keep your mind busy whilst not staring at screens!


Yes, I know… It’s a weekend and you want to stay up late! But if you are really looking to unwind and relax, then sleeping is your answer! Go to bed and get yourself a full 8-9 hours sleep, maybe even longer!

After following this routine, you should wake up feeling incredible and ready to take on the following days!

Let me know below how you take care of yourself and what your routine looks like!


-Rachel xx

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  1. Thanks for this post. I don’t take care of myself as often as I should. I’ll definitely facemask more often and try to sleep earlier. I hope you’re staying safe, positive, and taking care of yourself!

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