About Me

Hi there! I’m Rachel, I should probably introduce myself and give everyone reading a background on myself, my interests and hobbies, what my future plans are for my blog and what posts you should expect to see. For years I’ve been dwelling on the idea of creating a website and space where I can curate my ideas and share them with the world. If you are a lover of anything travel, food, writing, photography, art or even fashion/beauty, I would love for you to join me for regular posts!


I am a 20-year-old, writing and photography enthusiast born and bred in Scotland whose lifelong dream is to be making a living off of my interests and creative hobbies. I love all things books, travel, writing, healthy living/lifestyles, positivity, music, photography, art, nature and food… Of course along with my typical girly interests in fashion and beauty.

I originally launched my blog back in 2016 whilst I was still in school and deciding what I was going to do with my future because everyone seemed to have their whole lives planned out… and I had nothing. English was something I was very passionate about, I loved writing short stories and poetry and with this being a hobby of mines I decided I should start sharing my work. Although I wasn’t reaching many people or receiving feedback on my posts, it was amazing to come home and write to my heart’s content and be able to share it on a webpage where anybody anywhere could view it.

I decided to leave school in the summer of 2016 as I could never visualise myself going to university and quite simply just wanted to make money and travel. Although I had this perfect picture in my head about my future, it slowly went downhill and nothing was going to plan. I lost all my motivation and didn’t really do anything but sleep. After giving up on my blog and deciding it was inevitably never going to reach anybody, I decided to get a job working in a food production factory which I worked at for just over two years. The job sucked everything out of me and I soon came to the realisation that working in a factory is not a career and doesn’t have anything remotely to do with any of my interests. I have now had a change of career and i’m working on an IT apprenticeship for an amazing and loving company whilst getting to come home and focus on all my hobbies and interests.

I’m slowly learning to express myself in the ways I have always wanted to and I hope you can join me along the journey.