So, I recently just returned from one of thee best holiday I’ve ever been on… no joke, AMAZING. Back in January this year, my boyfriend and I decided to book ourselves a 2 week summer holiday to a little town called Cavtat in Croatia! In celebration of me getting a new job, and for both of our birthdays!

Cavtat is a small town south of Dubrovnik with a population of just over 2000 people. It was definitely a good decision to stay out of central Dubrovnik as we soon realised it was completely packed with tourists. Staying in a quieter area made our holiday super relaxing and was easy for us to find a sun lounger by the pool/beach and eat out every night, as there was hardly anyone around.

One of my favourite things about Cavtat was the stunning view and look of the town. Tall and uneven orange brick buildings with bright red roofs. Cobbled paths with trees growing in the middle. Mega steep hills. Oh and of course the surrounding bright blue water! This photo is showing exactly how bright and stunning everything was. Can you think of a prettier view?!

Sunsets are in my top 3 favourite things ever and I was overwhelmed each and every night with the incredible sunsets that we were able to view from our hotel balcony! Yes, we spent that little bit extra in order to have a sea view room and all I can say, is that is was 101% worth it. I was never displeased when I opened the sliding door and looked out into the Adriatic ocean, especially in the evening.

Although we were surrounded by ocean, there was a definite lack in sand or stone beaches. However just down from our hotel there was a large area of rock edges that had steps built into them that would take you right down to the water, so far down that you could climb down a little ladder and pop into the ocean. Still majorly regretting not going in, but I’m not a huge fan of waves – playing it safe…. ha!


Editing this post is giving me major post-holiday blues, I just want to go back!

During our holiday, Thomas and I celebrated both our 20th birthdays! Our birthday are two days apart (psst.. i’m older haha!), so booking the holiday over both our birthdays was super easy and genuinely was the best way I could imagine spending my birthday.

The hotel we were staying in also surprised both of us with a cute little birthday cake whilst we were out for the day! Coming back after trekking around in the heat all day to an ice cold room and a cake was such a good treat.

A few days after our birthdays we decided to get the boat into Dubrovnik! It was roughly an hour away by boat and the journey was so scenic and smooth. Not to mention the incredible breeze we felt after spending the first week with 0 wind and extreme heat – need to appreciate Scotland’s windy weather more!

Instantly after alighting from the boat, we were hit again by the cobbled paths and orange brick buildings, yet this time there was so much more. Dubrovnik is so worth the visit – if you can handle the packed streets, restaurants and the steep uphill walks…

I wish I could be this chilled 24/7

It’s fair to say that I wouldn’t say no to visiting the exact same place again. A full two weeks of relaxing by the pool, swimming, eating endless amounts of junk food and not having a single worry in the world.


I can’t wait for more adventures, I can’t even begin to imagine the beauty and culture out there that I have yet to discover.

And let’s hope we get more pics of me stuffing my face with ice cream 😉

“Adventure is worthwhile”


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