Blogging Goals For 2020

Sometimes it is super important to set yourself goals to work towards in any aspect of your life- everyone has goals as aspirations right? But often we can create a huge list of unrealistic goals and end up disappointed in ourselves when we haven’t achieved what we want. This was a major lesson that 2019 taught me, after setting myself some new year resolutions and after a few weeks of really pushing myself, I caved in and ruined most of the resolutions right off the bat.

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Merry Christmas – Blogmas Day 25

The day is finally here! The best day of the entire year. I hope you are all having / have had the best Christmas day ever, because I know I certainly will be.

Doing Blogmas has been super fun and I’m mega proud of myself for putting in all the effort I did in order to complete it! Hats off to anyone who blogs on a daily basis – you are amazing! I will be posting on the 31st of this month so make sure you stick around!

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Christmas Eve Family Traditions – Blogmas Day 24

Ahhh, Christmas eve – the last day in the countdown to Christmas! The night where nobody sleeps due to excitement – or maybe that is just me, big kid alert!! Everyone does different things on Christmas eve, whether it is visiting family or just having a chilled out day preparing for the following morning!! But I thought it would be good as it is Christmas eve, to share what my family and I do!

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