There is something so beautiful and magical about being outside.

Perhaps it’s the unfamiliarity of it after creating my own isolation. The cold breeze that catches me by surprise and ripples through the holes in my jumper. Feeling the earth puling around me with such beauty and ambiguity. Its vibrant colours and wide spectrum of plants for me to observe and have complete adoration for. I find beauty in the simplest things. Like the way no two leafs of a tree are the same and the magnificent petals of a flower holding intricate designs that are all unique; different to one another.
I wonder if someone has drawn on the clouds; their allurement is unreal. They are a work of art. I wonder if the sunsets have been painted by angels; the colours brought together create something one cannot take their eyes off. I can smell the aroma of life around me; the scent of summer barbecues to the other end of the spectrum, the humble scent of rain, making me feel relaxed and at peace. Simple things which have no competition in my mind.
The bees buzzing past my ears, the leaves crunching beneath the feet. The birds singing in the trees; a beautiful melody. Their simplistic lifestyles continuing without concern for the human observing them. I can taste the sun on the tip of my tongue, feel its honey rays luring into my skin. The hum of life surround me, engulfing me in it serenity. Relaxing my muscles and making me feel centred. At peace with myself and at peace with the world.

Nature has always been able to inspire and fascinate me to no end which is why when I feel good, I choose to be outside.

I choose to be outside because when I’m surrounded by life I can’t help but feel a little bit more.. alive.

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My “Not-So-Serious” New Year Resolutions

Okay so let’s be serious for a moment, when it comes to new year resolutions we can all make a long list of tings we want to do in the new year – but do we actually ever stick to them? Usually they are done for a week and ditched at the first possible chance. As much as I would love to stick to my list of resolutions, I’m never optimistic about doing so. Asides from having my serious resolution of finding a new job, I also have a list of smaller resolutions that I set myself every year which I m determined to accomplish. Here are a few of them.

No fizzy drinks

Yes, this one was on my list from last year and i did partially succeed! I managed to go from the 1st of January until the 2nd of August (my birthday), all ruined by some simple persuasion from Thomas who was persistent on telling me that “one won’t hurt”, yet there I was unable to stop drinking it and spent the rest of the year drowning myself in fizzy drink.
Currently as I’m writing this we are 16 hours and 37 minutes into 2019 and I haven’t laid my hands on a single fizzy drink! Confident that I will not touch another for the rest of the year.

Get out of the house more

This one, again, is a pretty common resolution however I like to believe that it is the easiest one to do. I love going out on walks, being active and getting fresh air – and it’s all super healthy for your mind and body. But I always find myself lying around my house, complaining that I am bored or have a headache yet never really do anything about it. Then when I do manage to pull myself out of bed and go outside I always end up feeling a million times better than I did before, which is the perfect reason for me to believe that setting myself the task of going outdoors will have a majorly positive outcome for me. 
Alongside that I want to start going out on my bike, whether that be a short bike ride around my town or a proper cycle with my dad as this is something we both enjoy doing and have given up since our jobs got pretty hectic. When I do eventually find a job I aim to cycle to and from work everyday (if it is in walking distance of course) … well maybe just in the summertime. Healthy and efficient.

Be more confident – Get rid of self doubt

One major issue I have always had bother with is confidence, whatever the situation is, I will always doubt myself or not be confident enough to actually go through with it. I tend to put myself down a lot and not believe that I am capable of doing the things I know fine well I am capable of. Although my confidence has majorly improved since the beginning of 2018, I still have a long was to go until I am a sassy confident young woman!
Just gotta fake it until I make it.

Read more books

I love reading books, in face it is probably one of my favourite things to do- but I always push it away and don’t set myself a time in the day where I am “going to read a book”. This year I am aiming to read at least one book a month, quite pathetic I know, but if I set myself a small goal I will never be disappointed with the outcome. The more the better but if I read at least one a month I will be satisfied. I like to believe that books take you into a completely new world, when i’m reading i’m not batting an eyelid at any of my surroundings and I feel very relaxed.
I want this year to be about becoming the best version of myself that I can possibly be and finding a whole new meaning to my life. 
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Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019

Wow! 2018 has definitely been a journey and a half. Although seeming to be the quickest year of my entire life, it has been jam packed with amazing memories, incredible people and a lot of adult decision making. I cannot believe I managed to do so much in one year, but I’m so happy I did.

Although at times being in my worst state of mind, I think it is always healthy to look back and reflect on the good things that happened in the year, because there will always be something that despite the negative, you found great pleasure in doing. It has been a rollercoaster of emotions and I have lost and gained a lot throughout the journey. However, here’s a recap of the best bits of my year and the things that made this year worthwhile (and of course the amazing people introduced into my life, you know who you are!)

My dad kindly gifted my mum and I tickets to go see our favourite band 30 Seconds To Mars (OMG)! After listening to their music religiously since 2012 and seeing them live for the first time in 2013, we knew we had to see them as soon as they returned to Scotland.
We booked to stay in the Hilton Hotel which has a window view of The River Clyde and the STV new building! And conveniently is right beside the SSE Hydro, perfect! We spent the day in Glasgow city centre… mostly shopping, but of course exploring and taking photos because some of the buildings are spectacular. It’s fair to say we enjoyed the concert immensely and can’t wait until the next time. I love sharing an interest so passionately with my mum and be able to spend the time with her when the concerts come around. As I am getting older I find myself doing more and more out with my house and find it difficult to spend quality time with my parents, hence why I appreciate the mutual interest so much.

April is the month in which I took a HUGE step out of my comfort zone and decided to meet with someone who I’d met during working online and had been talking with (and liked) every day for over a year and a half. I am now happily in a relationship with the most amazing person ever. Finding someone who brings out the best sides of you and is always supportive of any decision you make is a blessing. A guy I can be myself around and goof around with. Someone who is there for every single one of my problems no matter how small. Over the course of the year he has helped me face many of my fears and change almost every aspect of my life to make sure I’m the happiest I can be, it’s a long and difficult journey but i’m giving it everything I can. Comparing my state of mind and happiness between March this year and now, 8 months later, I can say that there is a visible difference in the kind of person that I am. I am a happier and more confident individual (Still not perfect but I’m getting there). I am now travelling to different countries, going out and doing different things every weekend instead of staying indoors and living my young years to the fullest and most importantly; having fun. I can’t wait for the coming years and being able to make many memories together, something which is very important to me.

Just incase you read this; I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me and how you have helped me see sense, I will have to return the favour sometime. Thank you <3

My holidays

Paris, the city of love and romance. I can confirm that is it indeed the beautiful city it claims to be and does not disappoint. When my boyfriend brought Paris up in conversation whilst looking at possible holiday destinations, I couldn’t have been more happy. We booked the holiday and prepared for a romantic weekend away in sunny Paris. 

The Eiffel Tower in all its glory!

The construction of the Eiffel Tower started back in 1887 and was completed 2 years later. It was originally built as a centrepiece of the Exposition Universelle, designed to celebrate the centennial of the French Revolution. During our visit to the Eiffel Tower we took a tour bus which gave us a brief history of the tower and we found out that it was actually supposed to be taken down shortly after construction, but funnily enough it drew a lot of attention and ended up being a must see for tourists, meaning it was bound to stay put. Look at it now many many years later!

This was by far my favourite attraction in Paris and I can’t wait until I return to explore even more and hopefully next time try some traditional French food and not just Mcdonalds for breakfast, lunch and dinner… oops. I also think I would like to climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower too, maybe a trek and a half but it would sure be worth it.

Now onto my first ever sunny holiday! (yes my first EVER) Me, my boyfriend Thomas, his parents, his aunt and uncle and his sister Stephanie along with her boyfriend Joseph set off on a trip to Las Americas, Tenerife where we got to chill out and not have any worries for seven days!
As i’ve never been on a sunny holiday I was a bit skeptical about being in the sun because personally I find it so difficult and can’t quite handle a bit of heat. However I was pleasantly surprised when I found it perfectly fine.

We stayed in the Spring Hotel Vulcano, just a short walk from the sea side! On arrival we were greeted with a glass of Prosecco and instantly made to feel welcome, never have I ever experienced such an amazing service or came across such polite people. The hotel was embellished by plants and greenery; what a beautiful view.

Before going on holiday, Thomas and I had decided to book a Zodiak rental and Parascending, which was something I was adamant on doing when we went away. We walked for about 45 minutes along the coastline of Las Americas and Costa Adeje before arriving and meeting our instructor who was taking us out Parascending. First things first we went out on our boat, Thomas of course taking control and being the driver of the boat whilst I got to sit at the front and pretend I was in a film.. although sounding glamorous I was actually getting thrown about the place like crazy and couldn’t keep myself in my seat for the full hour! Safe to say I much preferred when the boat was stationary! Then of course came the Parascending, we headed out on a different boat with two other duos waiting to do the same thing. Parascending beats anything I’ve ever done by a million miles, the view was incredible, the sea seemed never ending and the view of the entire island was a view to die for.

Yes, that is us! Away up in the sky with that incredible view behind us. 

The final holiday we had this year was to Amsterdam!

Out of the two city breaks I have had this year, Amsterdam was the best one. It really matches the pictures, everything is so beautiful and retro and It’s so ME! Everywhere I went I was taking pictures, I had Instagrams for days!

We didn’t really do anything specific in Amsterdam, it was more just a weekend away to visit a country that was at the top of my bucket list. But if anyone asks I will always recommend Amsterdam as the top place to visit if you are looking for a weekend away. There is always stuff to do and things to see and the streets seem endless. Every building has a different shape, design and colour and it’s just so put together.

Overall Reflection And Goals For The New Year

There are two major things that this year has taught me and I am in great belief that these are the things that will change my life completely and make next year and the coming years the best years of my life. One of these lessons is to say yes to more things, even if it is not something you think you would like or it is completely out of your comfort zone – just do it. You never know when that opportunity will come back to you, if it even does at all, so it is always a good idea to just say yes. A few things I have done this year I would never have done this time last year so I know for certain that I am doing the correct thing. Meeting up with my current boyfriend Thomas was a huge step out of my comfort zone for me, I had never had a boyfriend before because I just wasn’t interested in dating someone who wasn’t respectful and kind and in general just like me, but after talking for so long and saying no too many times I just realised that I was pushing something so amazing away from me simply because I was scared. I will sit here now and tell myself that it is the best thing I have done this year as I have found someone who is a blessing to have around me. I also said yes to going on holiday, yes I know that sounds strange but I have so many worries and thoughts in my head when it comes to going away somewhere without a parent being there, but I trusted the fact that my boyfriend had travelled before and knew exactly what he was doing…. and of course wouldn’t think I was being ridiculous to be scared of airports! I know it doesn’t seem like the biggest of things to back up the point I’m trying to make, but myself and many other people have probably spoken about the same thing, taking any opportunity you can and living every moment to the fullest because at some point in your life it’ll be too late.

Another major thing this year has taught me is that your job is not worth ruining your mental and physical health for. I should’ve learned this much earlier in my job and listened to everyone around me telling me it was the wrong thing, but I failed the see the problems my job was causing me. When a job is so physically draining you do nothing but work and sleep and still struggle to get out of bed, it’s unhealthy. When a job causes you to be anxious and extremely depressed and not want to leave your house, has you crying at everything and in general being in the worst mood, again it’s unhealthy. Never in my life have I experienced something so draining and negative and had no idea how to get out of it. But the answer all along was simple.. quit! Which is what I have done, I believe that personally it is the push I need to be able to move on and do something new. I’m overjoyed with the idea of starting 2019 fresh and being able to get back into the things that my old job made me lose interest in. I can’t wait to find a new job and get into the swing of a structured routine and of course have my blog running on the side for a bit of fun. If you aren’t happy with something in life, change it! No point in continuing something if it is only going to make you unhappy.

2019 for me will be a year of thinking about myself and making sure I’m happy, I’m going to get a new job in an office somewhere learning and building my skills and making new friends to share memories with. I’m going to push myself to do things I wouldn’t have done this year and become the best version of myself. I’m going to focus on having a healthy mind and lifestyle, because it’s extremely important to do so. My year will be filled with fun and happiness, surrounded by the people I love the most! 2019 will be a year to remember.

I want to thank everyone who has came into my life this year and helped me get through the toughest of times and been by my side without fail, whilst also making it the funniest and most amazing journey. You all know who you are <3

With all that being said I hope that everyone has had an amazing year! I hope the new year brings you happiness and laughter and you make the best memories ever!

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